Chimay Cheese & Beer Launch “Cut. Sip. Repeat” Campaign

Elizabeth, NJ- Embedded in the tradition of CHIMAY is the perfect pairing of authentic Trappist cheese and beer from brewing Belgian monks. CHIMAY’S brand new “CUT. SIP. REPEAT.” campaign celebrates these two beloved delicacies coming together and revives this time-honored tradition. “CUT. SIP. REPEAT.” will launch at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. CHIMAY is also excited to introduce  new cheese format this summer: CHIMAY Loaves.

CUT. SIP. REPEAT.”  encourages consumers to enjoy CHIMAY  Cheese and Beer. Tastings and demos will take place in wine and beer shops, as well as in grocery stores. Video shorts on the retail floor, pairing cards and social media outreach will further support the campaign and help educate and inspire customers.

Cheese and beer are even better together—especially when it comes to CHIMAY.  CHIMAY  beer and cheese are crafted by the monks at the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont, just north of the French border in the small Belgian town of Chimay. The Cistercian Abbey was established in 1850, and its dairy and a brewery were built to help support the monks’ livelihood in 1862.  Today, production of CHIMAY cheese remains similar to the original recipe and tradition.

The cheeses and ales express the terroir of Chimay. The cheese is made with local milk that travels no more than 30 kilometers from the dairy. The water used to craft CHIMAY beer comes from only two wells located on the grounds of the monastery—truly the cleanest water possible. The one-of-a-kind story of CHIMAY is the story of the beer and cheese together, and it’s an incomparable culinary experience. 

Steve Vallani, President of Global Beer Network, states, “GBN prides itself in offering the best beers in all categories. We also recognize a great partner when we experience one. We have both in CHIMAY and Atalanta!  CHIMAY is the quintessential Belgian Beer and they bring not only this iconic brand and amazing liquid to GBN, they also bring their world class cheeses which are imported by Atalanta.  Atalanta is a best-in-class food importer who has partnered with GBN to offer the perfect pairing of beer and cheese to CHIMAY fans around the country. By combining our knowledge and resources on both beer and cheese, GBN and Atalanta create the synergies which should put CHIMAY products on the top of any restaurant’s list of offerings. Cheers to both our partners, CHIMAY and Atalanta!”

A new format, CHIMAY  Loaves have been crafted to make CHIMAY accessible for all. Easy to cube, slice, shred, melt, and munch on—these loaves are perfect for cheese counters, sandwich shops and fine dining restaurants alike. The loaves are available in both Classic and La Premiere recipes. Classic is a traditional washed rind Trappist Cheese that is slightly milder and more buttery in flavor. La Premiere is made with a CHIMAY beer wash and hop extract.  The flavor profile is bolder and funkier, with a lovely grassy bitterness at the end from the hops.

Another new profile that will be shown at the Summer Fancy Food Show is CHIMAY Herb Raclette a true expression of the terroir in Chimay that unites tradition and innovation. The cheese is crafted in the classic Trappist, washed rind style in a loaf shape for ease of use and the ability to slice, inspired by Raclette. The addition of local herbs adds a unique bright freshness to an already rich and aromatic cheese. 

Sam Kane, Atalanta Business Development Manager, explains why this partnering special, “Sharing the beer and cheese story is truly the DNA of the CHIMAY Brand. One could not exist without the other in the beginning and today, they are the identity of the CHIMAY team. To all of us, the raw materials, the intention behind the production, and the relationship with the customer are equally important and have allowed the brand as a whole to remain a beacon of traditional and quality within the market. CUT. SIP. REPEAT is the best way to enjoy CHIMAY and we are so pleased to share the experience with you.

Visit the Summer Fancy Food Show, Atalanta Booth # 2336 to experience CHIMAY “CUT. SIP. REPEAT.”