Danish Startup Leverages Dairy Industry Know-How to Make Realistic Vegan Cheese

Danish food technology startup FÆRM is combining traditional cheese-making techniques with food science to make the next generation of vegan cheese. The company says this combination of know-how results in dairy-free cheeses that aren’t affected in flavor or don’t have additives or starches to achieve the traditional colors and textures of dairy cheese.

Founded by Andrea Donau, Mikkel Dupont, and Anna Gundorph, FÆRM has designed a patented technology that mimics traditional dairy fermentation using rennet and cultures to treat legumes such as soy, which is then further fermented and drained to create vegan cheese. This process mimics traditional cheese-making processes by using starter cultures such as lactic acid bacteria during fermentation. 

“Through research, stubbornness, and countless tests, we achieved the impossible: Getting plants to go through the same tailored process as traditional cheese,” FÆRM says on its website. 

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