Kevin G. Fortun Launches New Plant Based Soups

SEATTLE – Kevin G. Fortun, founder of Stockpot Soups and owner of Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups and Sauces, has launched a new line of Vegan soups. These soups bring a World of Flavor to your table. Providing a healthier alternative to enjoy comfort foods with the same great taste.

Tom Kha

Thai Coconut Lime

African Peanut

Broccoli & Cheese

Creamy Mushroom

Butternut & Sweet Potato

Loaded Potato

Plant Based options have grown exponentially in the last year. Fortun Foods has been asked by customers to offer more Vegan options to round out their soup catalog. Fortun Foods went a step further and produced a full line of flavors for a wide audience to enjoy. Always known as “The Fresh Soup Company,” it was a natural fit to introduce this line. These Plant-based soups are now available for Retail and Foodservice customers nationally. Kevin Fortun’s philosophy has always been a quality start, quality finish. Start with the best quality ingredients, cook in small batches, sauté, and simmer at the right time.

Finish with vacuum-sealed packaging to produce the freshest soup with an industry-leading shelf-life.

Fresh-refrigerated soup, not frozen, not engineered, with no added preservatives, additives, or MSG.

Mary Shepard, Director of Sales commented, “We are not for everyone, but we are for that customer who is looking to offer the best on their menu or offering a fresh premium soup in their stores…. Competition is fierce, you have to be outstanding in your field.”

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About Kevin G. Fortun:

In 1981 Kevin G. Fortun developed a line of premium fresh-refrigerated soups, Stockpot Soups, that provided convenience and consistency to foodservice operators.  Stockpot Soups, made with fresh, all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, quickly became the leader in the field.  After expanding into the retail market, Stockpot Soups grew into the largest fresh-refrigerated soup company in the world, with distribution in 23 countries.  In 1998, Fortun sold Stockpot Soups to the Campbell Soup Company. For the development and launch of Fortun’s Finishing Touch Soups and Sauces, Fortun has brought several key personnel from every department of his Stockpot Soups team back on board to create authentic gourmet sauces designed for quality, consistency and convenience for the consumer and the foodservice operator.  Now a line of top-quality Soups, Chowders, Chilis and Gravies.