Klondike Cheese Company Awarded 12 Top-Three Awards and Sweeps one Class’ Top Five Spots at the World Championship Cheese Contest

MONROE, Wis. — Klondike Cheese Company earned several notable awards at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest taking three first place, five second place and four third place honors which includes a top five sweep of the flavored high protein yogurt-cow’s milk class.

Klondike’s commitment to producing high quality, authentic and consistent products continues to be recognized by the experts worldwide. Best of Class honors went to Buholzer Brothers™ brick cheese, Odyssey® low fat feta and Odyssey® peach Greek yogurt.

Placing second in their categories were Odyssey® traditional feta, tomato basil feta, sweet heat feta, vanilla Greek yogurt and Buholzer Brothers™ muenster.

Third place awards went to Odyssey® traditional feta, fat free feta, peach 2% Greek yogurt and Buholzer Brothers™ Havarti.

“We are extremely honored to have been recognized as flavor and quality leaders in so many classes as the competition on a global scale is fierce,” stated Luke Buholzer, vice president of sales at Klondike Cheese Company. “We are very proud to receive the top five awards in the flavored high protein – cow’s milk class for peach, vanilla, peach 2%, blueberry and pomegranate acai Greek yogurts. The recognition received is in thanks to the high-quality milk from our local farm families paired with our dedicated staff and six Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers who take great pride in making sure quality is always top priority.”

The World Championship Cheese Contest was held March 6-8, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin and is the largest cheese contest of its kind. There was a record of 3,402 entries competing in 121 classes of dairy products with entries from 26 nations.

For more information about Klondike Cheese Company, Odyssey® and Buholzer Brothers™ products, including recipes and detailed product information, visit www.klondikecheese.com.

Klondike Cheese Company has been producing award-winning cheese at the same location since the late 1800s. Family-owned and operated in Monroe, Wis. by the Buholzer family for four generations, the secret to Klondike’s quality is a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, its own special recipes and time-honored traditions of cheese making. Today Klondike Cheese Company is proud to be home to six Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers. Klondike markets its Odyssey® feta and Greek yogurt for foodservice and retail, as well as brick, muenster and Havarti under the Buholzer Brothers™ label for foodservice.