Kroger Becomes Largest US Sushi Seller

Kroger has become the largest sushi seller in the U.S., reports The Wall Street Journal. The supermarket chain sells over 40 million pieces of sushi a year, helping turn the product into an American staple. 

Sushi is core to Kroger’s expansion strategy, capturing customers’ food dollars that would have gone to restaurants and eating out. This is part of a larger tug-of-war between grocery and foodservice, where retailers are vying for a larger piece of consumers’ food budgets. Sushi is also helping to bring new customers into stores and driving the frequency of visits.  

“When customers think of sushi, we want them to think of Kroger,” said Stuart Aitken, chief merchant and marketing officer at Kroger. Roughly 66 percent of Kroger stores have sushi sections. 

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