Maine Crisp Launches New Plant-based Crisp, Olive & Za’atar

WINSLOW, Maine— Artisanal snack company Maine Crisp launched its newest crisp flavor, Olive & Za’atar, at the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show. The gluten-free, plant-based crisp offers a tasty flavor profile that satisfies consumers’ desires for globally-inspired pantries while meeting several dietary restrictions.

Olive & Za’atar is the company’s first crisp flavor to be developed since the launch of the plant-based Savory Fig & Thyme in 2021, which quickly became Maine Crisp’s best-seller. As a producer of certified gluten-free crisps baked with buckwheat flour, Maine Crisp caters to consumers who love great-tasting, healthful snacks and may have Celiac or want to reduce gluten and grains in their diet. The popularity of the company’s gluten-free, dairy-free crisp inspired founder and Chief Product Officer Karen Getz to explore new dairy-free flavor recipes.

“Since we had already adapted our crisp recipe to be dairy-free, I had the freedom to be really creative with a new flavor profile,” states Karen Getz, founder and Chief Product Officer at Maine Crisp. “I love pairing cheese with olives, which sparked an idea to create a crisp that complements salty and savory notes with the bright herbs of za’atar. The nutty buckwheat base is rounded out with sesame and almonds for a rich tasting experience.”

Olive & Za’atar is the first to be launched in Maine Crisp’s new manufacturing facility, which opened in September 2022. The move to the 17,000 sq.ft. facility became necessary when Maine Crisp secured two national distribution contracts with KeHE and UNFI in mid-202; the company has already made plans to install an automated packaging line to meet increasing demand. Maine Crisp’s sales volume has grown 129% year to date.

“Consumers within the Better-For-You profile crave nutritious, delicious, and sustainable snacks in flavors that are unique and interesting, and our retailers want product innovation to keep shoppers engaged and excited – Olive & Za’atar fits the bill perfectly,” explains Lewis Goldstein, CEO of Maine Crisp. “This crisp is only the beginning of the innovation that we will launch out of our new Winslow, Maine facility. This facility is the only one of its kind in the United States that produces gluten-free crisps, gives us the capability to test flavors and formats of crisps and other exciting buckwheat snacks, and then bring them to market faster than our competitors.”

The Maine Crisp product line now comprises five flavors, featuring both locally-sourced and globally-inspired ingredients. Through these delicious, wholesome combinations, Maine Crisp is bringing buckwheat, a nutritious ancient seed, to the modern consumer. All crisps are baked with buckwheat, which is naturally gluten-free, grain free, rich in fiber, and offers a complete protein. The Olive & Za’atar crisp also blends balsamic vinegar and organic honey for depth of flavor.

Olive & Za’atar is available in Whole Foods Markets in the North Atlantic region.

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