NEW Aussie Select Specialty Meats

ATLANTA – World Select Cuts, LLC is excited to announce the launch of its hand-crafted, premium deli meats featuring pasture-raised Australian lamb: Aussie Select™. Entering both the retail and foodservice markets, Aussie Select is ideally positioned for early success and rapid growth. Offering a first-to-market product that is truly special, Aussie Select is the only bona fide Australian ultra-premium lamb charcuterie available to foodservice operators in the U.S., and the only ready-to-eat lamb on the retail market.

Chefs and consumers who seek out artisan products with a true sense of place and a great flavor story will love Aussie Select’s all-natural pasture-raised lamb charcuterie, sourced from the wide-open fields of Australia from farmers who have been responsibly raising lamb for generations. 

Aussie Select’s Singular Story—

Our artisan butchers draw on centuries of tradition and expert craftsmanship to produce specialty meats that command attention for their on-trend flavors and high quality. It all starts by sourcing great-tasting Australian lamb that is naturally lean and tender.

Initial Product Offerings

– Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham: 100% pure agave syrup and fragrant fresh rosemary with subtle notes of nutmeg, fennel and garlic

– Lamb Pastrami: Seasoned with traditional deli flavors like coarse ground black pepper, coriander and brown sugar, then smoked with hickory and mesquite, yielding a pleasant peppercorn bite with a tender texture

– Tikka Masala Lamb Ham: Warm toasted flavor profile of classic Masala, balancing cumin, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and nutmegs in a robust rub

Product Specs

– Each product is fully cooked and available in ~2lb whole muscle pieces

– 120-day refrigerated shelf life

– No artificial ingredients, flavors or colors

– Halal-certified

The Time Is Right

Aussie Select stands out in a multi-billion-dollar processed-meat market, which is expected to grow substantially in the next four years:

– The size of the U.S. retail deli market alone is $28 billion.

– Consumers buying ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat foods once a week has risen 154% over the last three years

– The deli counter accounted for 13% of total retail grocery sales in 2019

To date, U.S. lamb has been sold primarily fresh or frozen, which research shows can be a barrier to consumers who are pressed for cooking time and have little preparation confidence. As the first to market ready-to-eat lamb products, Aussie Select presents a line well-positioned to meet consumer needs and capitalize on current buying and dining trends in both retail and foodservice segments.

Retail Readiness

Retailers will be seeking to drive post-COVID growth through premium innovations. The initial products in the Aussie Select line only scratch the surface; there is exciting growth opportunity for lamb in the ready-to-heat, ready-to-eat and snack-kit categories.

Aussie Select helps drive sales for retailers, answering the demands of modern consumers:

– As transparency and environmental values continue to resonate with consumers, grocery retailers are looking for the stories behind the meats they sell, with brandedauthentic options leading to sales growth.

– Innovative curation of the meat case is proven to drive incremental sales.

– Health and wellness are culturally pervasive, fueling a desire for healthy, yet flavorful, food offerings.

– There is no slowing the desire for products that provide maximum convenience without sacrificing taste or quality. Today’s consumers may be time-constrained, but they are still open to experimentation.

And so far, consumers love Aussie Select…

– When sampled with consumers, the products fulfilled expectations extremely or very well (86%).

– Despite lamb not being part of most consumer meal rotations (27% eat it once a month or more), purchase interest of the concept is quite high, with 89% saying they “probably would buy”

A Future in Foodservice

Chefs, a demographic known for discerning palates, are always on the hunt for intriguing ingredients. We think they’ve found what they’re looking for with Aussie Select meats. “These are great products. They are impressive and unique,” says Shane Schaibly, VP Culinary Strategy, Corporate Chef, First Watch Restaurants. “The team members I’ve shared them with all have the same feedback: ‘Where can I buy this?!’”

Aussie Select meats offer signature moves on menu classics, lending premium positioning. Of course, one natural fit for any of the lamb deli meats is on a charcuterie board. Well-known chefs like Chicago’s Paul Kahan and L.A.’s Curtis Stone have helped merge the craft of butcher shops with the culinary arts, putting the spotlight on premium charcuterie—beyond expectations of prosciutto or mortadello—as signature elements on their menus.

Chefs are excited and inspired by the culinary potential of the Aussie Select\ line. “I had a toasted and buttered French baguette with cornichon and shaved Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham, and I’m doing it again today—so darn delicious,” says Olivier Gaupin, Director of Culinary Operations Benchmark—a Global Hospitality Company. Matt McMillin, VP of Culinary & Beverage Innovation for Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants, sees it playing well on his menu. “We make this herb-feta cream sauce and I would use that for a spread or dip on the Lamb Pastrami all day long.”

The Aussie Difference

Aussie Select is the only Australian lamb charcuterie brand available to foodservice operators in the U.S., and the only ready-to-eat lamb on the market.

Aussie Select tells the story of lambs raised on wide-open pastures and grasslands, naturally fed and given no artificial additives or hormone growth promotants. Australian lambs are simply a pure product of their pure environment—and Aussie Select provides a genuine farm-to-fork experience.

About Us

The founding team behind Aussie Select includes experts in the Australian meat industry, culinary trailblazers with award-winning records of success in retail and restaurants and visionary industry leaders in food and beverage marketing.

– Dirk Geleit: With 25+ years of experience in the red meat import/export business, he is an Ausmeat Accredited Butcher and brings a wealth of expertise in Australia Retail/Foodservice processing and operations to the new brand.

– Shirley Bastian: Her 30+ years of experience in slaughter, boning and processing operations makes her a key expert on the team.

– Jaclyn Glatzer: This renowned foodservice marketing leader, agency partner and industry influencer brings cutting-edge communications to the table.

– Michael LaKier: An award-winning food and beverage marketer who was named one of the “Most Influential Voices in Retail Marketing on Social Media,” he will tap conventional and emerging communications strategies to convey key brand messages.

– Larry Oliphant: Founder of the World Food Championships and an expert in advance sales processing, this successful entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Tiki Hut Brands lends unparalleled insight into foodservice operations.

– Jennifer Daskevich: Founder of Sandwich America and a World Sandwich Champion, her expertise as a restaurateur and sommelier is key to reaching innovative menu developers.