New LALA Artisan Quesos Recognized for Outstanding Food Packaging

DALLAS- – Three authentic Mexican artisan cheese products recently introduced by LALA U.S. — Queso Fresco, Queso Panela, and Queso Oaxaca — are being recognized for “Outstanding Food Packaging Design” by the Latampack International Awards.

The three LALA® artisanal cheese packages feature unique designs that convey the values of Mexican tradition and origin while leveraging the perception of high-quality LALA® products in the U.S. Colors and simple patterns help generate recognition on the shelf. The products also feature bilingual labeling, shelf-ready secondary packaging, and in-store creative to support sales.

“In creating the new Mexican queso products, we sought to bring fresh and authentic tastes to family dishes and meals. The packaging reinforces the value and distinctiveness of the products for retailers and consumers. We are grateful for the Latampack Award recognition of our new products,” said Jorge Ramos, CEO of LALA U.S.

The new additions to the LALA® brand of fresh dairy products are available in Hispanic grocery markets in the U.S.

The Latampack Awardsseek to recognize the excellence of the packaging industry in Latin America and contribute to greater knowledge and visibility of the most innovative companies to promote commercial and business exchange with other countries both in the American continent and in Europe. The Latampack are organized by Verdictas International, a company that manages different award programs in more than 25 countries in the Americas and Europe.

About LALA, U.S. INC.

Based in Dallas, LALA U.S., Inc. produces and distributes a wide variety of dairy-based products throughout the United States. Nationally distributed products include LALA®-branded yogurt smoothies, yogurts, crema Mexicana, and milk. Milk and other dairy-based products are also sold under well-known brands including Promised Land®, Nordica®, Frusion® and Skim Plus®. LALA U.S., Inc. is a subsidiary of Grupo LALA, a leading international foods company, with significant operations in Mexico, Brazil, United States, and Central America.

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