Prime Roots Launches Plant-Based Deli Meat in New York City

New York, New York — Prime Roots, the leading innovator of deli-style meats made from koji mycelium, announced it is now selling in the State of New York to bodegas, deli counters and food service.

Prime Roots is the first and only company tackling the deli case with the identical microscopic texture of meat, along with its umami taste made from plants.

“Delis and bodegas are a quintessential part of the food culture in New York, so we can’t wait for New Yorkers to try our freshly sliced plant-based option on their favorite subs and hoagies,” said Kimberlie Le, Co-founder and CEO of Prime Roots. “We know consumers want tasty, clean, and planet-friendly options and Prime Roots’ deli meats deliver on all three expectations.”

Acclaimed chefs helped develop the most popular deli products—including cracked pepper turkey, black forest ham, hickory bacon, salami, and pepperoni to emulate the savory, meaty taste, and texture that consumers demand for meat substitutes. Plus, nutritionally, Prime Roots’ products have no nitrates, preservatives, cholesterol, soy, wheat and are lower in sodium than the leading brand. Prime Roots also makes charcuterie pepperoni, bacon, pâté and foie gras rounding out its line of offerings.

Prime Roots recently announced its $30 million in Series B funding to expand manufacturing and distribution in addition to a partnership with Quorn, the leading European mycoprotein, to innovate new offerings and expand market opportunities.

Distributed through Ace, Prime Roots sandwiches can currently be eaten at over 40 Plantega locations across the five boroughs.

About Prime Roots

Berkeley-based Prime Roots® is a plant-based meat company taking a fresh take on old world deli and charcuterie. The B-Corp is on a mission to satisfy meat cravings in a sustainable way with plant-based deli meat that is clean, nourishing, and a cut above the rest. The start-up innovated the first-of-its kind line of sliceable deli meats and charcuterie which includes nostalgic flavors like turkey, ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, pâté, and foie gras. These products are made from koji and are designed for use in deli counters and restaurants. Prime Roots recently was honored with the Food and Wine Magazine Game Changer’s Award and Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award. For more information, visit