Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve Wins Sustainable Design Award at NY NOW

SAVANNAH, GA: Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve received the Sustainable Design Award while exhibiting at the NY NOW Winter 2022 Market. The award highlights and upholds brands who have embedded sustainability, environmentally-friendly production processes, and socially responsible or philanthropic models into their business practice. 

The Sustainable Design Award application criteria includes:

  • “Green” Products: products that are manufactured or constructed with only recycled, recyclable and/or sustainable materials.
  • Environmentally friendly Production Processes: manufacturers who are using renewable or alternative sources of energy in production, including wind, sun, alternative fuels and preserving clean water.
  • Socially responsible and philanthropic business practices: products produced by indigenous peoples, creating viable, sustainable trades and markets in poverty-stricken and needy communities worldwide; and manufacturers who donate percentages of their sales to not-for-profit organizations.

Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve is pure with the taste of Tupelo blossom in every drop and has a smooth sweetness with buttery undertones. With only 175 cases produced, this limited-edition bottle is the result of honeybees visiting over 2.5 million tupelo blossoms within an 8-10 day window and a nearly impossible combination of perfect environmental elements and expert beekeeping. 

Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve is available for purchase online for $120.00, and in Savannah Bee Company’s 14 retail locations.

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About Savannah Bee Company:

Established in 2002, Savannah Bee Company was founded by bee expert Ted Dennard, who learned the magic and wonder of beekeeping growing up in coastal Georgia. Ted started by simply selling his signature Tupelo Honey from his own hive, and today Savannah Bee Company has an expansive product line that includes specialty honeys and honeycomb, body care and beauty items, home goods, retail locations across the U.S. and more. Through its nonprofit, The Bee Cause Project, Savannah Bee Company has provided hives for 445 schools in 50 states and 4 countries around the world with the goal of saving the bees.