Schaller & Weber Holiday Lineup Extended With Deliciously Decadent Truffle Brats, Foie Gras & Pate

Schaller & Weber, New York City’s iconic butcher shop and purveyor of German and Northern European specialty foods, announces its extensive lineup of premium, truffle-infused offerings, inclusive of the recently released truffle bratwurst created in partnership with New York based small-batch company “The Truffleist.”  

This holiday season, Schaller & Weber and The Truffleist came together to create The Truffleist Truffle Brats ($15.99 per 12 oz. 4-pack). The result is a juicy pork bratwurst loaded with 2% black winter truffles boasting a rich, truffle flavor – a delicious and impressive addition to any holiday meal or appetizer board! Schaller & Weber recommends enjoying the Truffleist Truffle Brats with fried potatoes, green apples, and Schaller & Weber Düsseldorf Horseradish Mustard. While the Truffle Brats ship nationwide, New Yorkers and visitor alike can purchase the brats at the

Truffleist’s holiday booth located in Bryant Park’s Winter Village. There, gourmands can taste the unique brat served tucked inside a warm pretzel bun with a crispy cheese tuile and topped with truffle cheese sauce, mustard, and tapenade.  

For those looking for a sophisticated twist on traditional Foie Gras or pâté, Schaller & Weber and The Truffleist have also released the Schaller & Weber Mousse de Foie Gras with Black Truffles ($14.99 per 4 oz. unit). The rich, buttery, and delicate offering is a new take on the classic Mousse de Foie Gras, with the addition of bold black truffles delivering a little bit of luxury to your festive pâté plate. 

Using Schaller & Weber’s Gold Medal pâté as the basis, the brand also offers the Schaller & Weber Pâté with Truffles ($14.99 per 4 oz. unit). The wonderful and decadent mousse complemented by the addition of black truffles introduces a new premium in the world of pâté. Just like the Schaller & Weber Gold Medal Pâté, the Schaller & Weber Pâté with Truffles is made from an all-natural recipe with no added nitrates and is a year-round staple. 

All Schaller & Weber truffle-infused offerings are available at Schaller & Weber’s brick and mortar shop on the Upper East Side and online at 

All products are currently available until supplies last. 

All products range from $9.99 – $15.99 per unit.