Schuman Cheese Posts Prominent Showing at Trio of Summer Competitions

Fairfield, New Jersey – Classic recipes tuned to perfection and innovative specialty varieties alike earned Schuman Cheese the attention of judges at contests this summer, adding 17 new awards to the artisan cheesemaker’s already heavy trophy shelf.

Schuman Cheese’s award-winning showing spanned the International Cheese and Dairy Awards (ICDA), American Cheese Society Judging & Competition (ACS) and Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Contest (WI Fair).

Cello Organic Copper Kettle led the Open Hard Cheeses category at this year’s WI Fair, with Cello Romano taking second and Cello Copper Kettle finishing third. Organic Copper Kettle went on to nab a silver medal in the Best Organic Cheese – Hard Pressed category (open to non-United Kingdom producers only) at ICDA. Just days later, Organic Copper Kettle shared third place honors with the original Copper Kettle in the Grating Types category at ACS.

The headliner of Cello’s lineup, Cello Copper Kettle is a one-of-a-kind cheese with an exclusive recipe that’s cooked in copper vats and aged for 16 months. This imparts a unique flavor and distinctive, slightly pinkish tone. Cello Romano – a cow’s milk version of the famous sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano – is sharper and more piquant, but with a cleaner finish than typical U.S. varieties.

The Yellow Door Creamery Alpine Collection showed prominently in ICDA’s Best USA Cheese – Washed Rind category; Altu earned a silver medal, while Monteau earned bronze. Altu is a Gruyere-style cheese with notes of fruit followed by an earthy and nutty finish. Monteau features fruity flavors with hints of butter and hazelnut that call to mind the Haute Savoie region’s famous Abondance cheese. Altu and Monteau also earned second and third place awards, respectively, in the Smear Ripened Cheeses category at the WI Fair.

At ACS, Altu finished second in the Open Category for Washed Rind Cheeses, while Redhead took a second place finish in the Soft-Ripened Washed Rind category. Redhead is an approachable take on Reblochon, with an earthy and herbal aroma, complemented by a fruity and nutty flavor.

Yellow Door Creamery Hand-Rubbed Fontinas were also big winners. Mayan Cocoa

& Coffee earned first place in the ACS Rubbed-Rind Cheese category, while newcomer Creamy Dill rounded out the category with a third place finish. At the WI Fair, Dijon & Herb took first place in the Flavored Semi-Soft Cheese category.

Mayan Cocoa is an earthy and exotic blend of sweet, spicy Mayan spices combined with real cocoa and coffee. Creamy Dill pairs the smooth, nutty and milk flavor of cow’s milk with a fresh, vibrant blend of dill and fragrant summer herbs. Dijon & Herb is a balanced blend of yellow and brown mustard seed and aromatic spices provides this creamy fontina with a mild and nutty flavor.

Tuscan earned a silver medal in the category for ICDA’s Cheese with Savory Additives (soft cheeses produced outside the United Kingdom), and a bronze medal in ICDA’s Best USA Cheese – Any Cheese with Additives category. Tuscan is a classic blend of Italian herbs and spices pairs perfectly with the rich and nutty fontina flavor.

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The allure of cheese. It’s what drives Schuman Cheese to enhance everyday eating experiences. For four generations, Schumans have been enamored by incredible cheeses, like the King of Parmesan they’ve partnered with the Zanettis to deliver since 1945 and the latest addition, a sensational Gruyère from Margot Fromages in Switzerland. Decades of access to the world’s finest cheeses even inspired the family to assemble a team of skilled cheesemakers to craft their own world-class cheeses in Wisconsin. Discover the distinctive cheeses and latest innovations Schuman Cheese delights in sharing at