Spero Foods Releases First Smoked Salmon Sunflower Cream Cheese

SAN FRANCISCO – Just launched today by Spero Foods is the newest in plant-based innovation. Their ground-breaking new products, Smoked Salmon Sunflower® Cream Cheese and Sunflower® Cheddar Cheese, add more staples to their signature Sunflower® Cheese lineup. Made from sunflower seeds and packed with probiotics, all their products are nut-free, allergen-friendly and facilitate a happy gut!

Better yet? They save loads of water: 96% less than nut-based dairy alternatives and emit 99% fewer greenhouse gases than dairy.

But the BEST part?! This new plant-based cream cheese tastes EXACTLY like Smoked Salmon! It’s a lox lover’s dream. Their simple ingredients include organic sunflower seeds, water, organic coconut oil, spices and vegetables, and probiotic cultures. Plus, it’s the first of its kind on the market!

Spero Foods makes eating clean, plant-powered dairy super easy and accessible to all! Just $4.99 in retail and aims soon to be priced comparable to dairy!

About Spero Foods: Spero Foods makes affordable, clean, and fun dairy alternatives from plants.

Why seeds? Almonds/cashews (nuts), which comprise the majority of the dairy alternatives industry today, are too expensive and difficult to scale. They take too much time, space, water, and human labor. Seeds are 7-8x less expensive and grow 50-70x faster than nuts.

By using truly scalable ingredients and cutting-edge, internationally pending-patented technology, Spero is the first company aiming to make plant-based dairy cheaper than traditional dairy products, taking dairy alternatives mainstream.