Volpi Heritage Prosciutto Named Winner in 2020 Good Food Awards

With over 2,000 entries each year, The Good Food Foundation selects the best of the best from food crafters across the country. Among the 307 food and drink finalists, Volpi’s Heritage Prosciutto received the high distinction of the charcuterie Good Food Award Winner of 2020. By dry curing and slow-aging for a minimum of 18 months, Volpi’s Heritage Prosciutto delivers an unparalleled flavor – bringing earthy notes and melt-in-your-mouth texture in every bite. Volpi’s Heritage Prosciutto progresses initiatives in sustainability, sourcing Heritage breed hogs that are free roaming, 100% vegetarian fed, antibiotic free, and raised on local family farms.

Lorenza Pasetti, President of Volpi Foods, has a passion for food rooted in her family history. “Many of us, myself included were taught the craft by previous generations who labored through years of trial and error before finding ‘just the right method’ of preparation” says Pasetti, who was invited to speak on behalf of the Charcuterie category at the ceremony, “We all believe in the pursuit of perfection as well as the art and science that go into making these charcuterie products”. Learn more about the award-winning prosciutto here- https://www.volpifoods.com/products/prep/heritage-prosciutto/

Volpi Foods was established in 1902 as an artisan producer of specialty cured meats in St Louis, Mo. As a third-generation family-owned company, Volpi Foods is unique in the industry in being the only producer that makes all products within one of four facilities, all located within Missouri. Volpi produces the highest quality specialty cured meats using locally sourced fresh, never frozen, pork combined with a craft process built on low temperature fermentation, long drying periods and no shortcuts – ever. Learn more about Volpi Foods at www.volpifoods.com.