2020 Christmas Trees: Perfect Picks for Indoor or Outdoor Celebrations

For families looking for safe ways to participate in traditional holiday activities, spending time outdoors picking a Christmas tree might just fit the bill. Cornell University experts, Brian Eshenaur and Daniel Weitoish, offer insight on how Christmas tree picking may look different during the pandemic, what tree varieties might work best in your home and how to spruce up your holidays with a live, outdoor tree.

Brian Eshenaur is a plant pathologist and a senior extension associate with the New York State Integrated Pest Management program. Eshenaur works closely with Christmas tree growers across New York.

Eshenaur says: “Christmas tree growers have been preparing for months to make the experience at their farm a safe one for all. You may notice that your favorite Christmas tree farm has re-designed certain areas to minimize crowding. To be prepared for any changes, it’s best to view the webpage of your favorite tree farm before you head out. 

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