AFE: Preparing for Valentine’s Week 2021

How Do I Love Thee? Let’s Me Count the Dollars!

Indeed, we’re all reciting love sonnets to the success of Valentine’s Week 2021, as 2020 has dulled so many financial arrows! In 2020, Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday, and in 2021, Valentine’s Day will move to the end of a weekend – SUNDAY! Yikes!  In the retail floral business, this is equal to kissing a frog!

But Cupid’s not the only one with arrows in his quiver! How do we hit our financial bull’s eye and convert the pigeons of discontent into the bluebirds of happiness? With the Valentine’s holiday holding court as the first- or second-largest sales week of the year, and generating 30 percent to 40 percent of the year’s total holiday dollars, it’s safe to say that a successful Valentine’s Day in 2021 will be a crucial component of organic growth across the entire industry.

So how do we “count the ways” toward a successful Valentine’s Week in 2021? Here are FIVE important strategies for your consideration:

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