Bottom Heat that Rolls Out Like a Carpet

Cotati, Calif. – Growers now have a quick, easy way to provide the game-changing root zone heating that plants prefer. Roll’N Grow® covers benches and floors with growth-enhancing heat in a fraction of the time it used to take.

“The benefits of root zone heating are well documented – some growers say they won’t produce plants without it,” says Jim Rearden, co-founder. “Roll’N Grow provides all the root zone heating benefits: reduced fuel costs, increased production, more compact plants, reduced disease issues, without a complex or time-consuming install.”

The system – which literally rolls out like a carpet – allows growers to install bottom heat faster than ever before. Simply roll the mat out, then connect the manifolds and supply/return lines to a hot water source and pump. A soil probe thermostat controls Roll‘N Grow based on media temperature.

To produce Roll‘N Grow, BioTherm developed a one-of-a-kind automated machine. The technology bonds various types of heating tubes to weed barrier or open mesh. The machine produces 10-foot master rolls that BioTherm can customize in any size to match grower floor or bench needs. See Roll’N Grow in action here: 

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About BioTherm

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