CEO Yolande van den Boom Leaves MPS After Four Years

These are incredibly challenging times for the horticulture sector. The corona crisis has hit many companies hard, and we are all making a concerted effort to get our sector flourishing again. Transparent, sustainable practices are just as important as ever, and certification plays a part in that. Over the past few years, the MPS Group has been working on a “new MPS” that is capable of facing the challenges. And despite the recent increase in competition from similar organisations, we have every confidence in the future.

With our team at MPS now ready to rise to these challenges, this is therefore an appropriate time to reflect on the positions and personal ambitions of the people who have brought the organisation to where we are today. With this in mind, our CEO, Yolande van den Boom, has decided to seek a new challenge. As of today, our deputy director Harold Beek will be the designated contact and will be assuming executive duties while Yolande van den Boom focuses on the handover.

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