Cultivating Sustainability: María Flowers and LATAM Group Lead the Floral Industry Towards a Greener Future

Our industry mission extends beyond arranging blooms and selling plants—it’s about fostering a community where we can share ideas and insights to drive consumer purchase,  increase our best practices in areas like sustainability and data, and more. The power behind these great insights and efforts? Our members, especially those who contribute through volunteer leadership.  Here are updates from two of our taskforces so far this year:   

Our Floral Sustainability Task Force spearheads the efforts to help all members embrace climate smart practices. This month, we focused on an initiative from María Flowers, who provided a powerful case study for the industry.  

In 2023, María Flowers, in partnership with LATAM Group, embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards sustainability by joining the “1+1: Offset to Conserve” program. By compensating for 50% of their CO2 emissions, they offset an impressive 1,297 tons of CO2, showcasing the tangible impact of sustainable practices. 

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