Farwest Show Attendees Select Winning Products for the Retailers’ Choice Awards

Portland, Orego — As part of the Retailers’ Choice Awards™, a jury of volunteer garden retailers roamed the floor and highlighted seven different products that particularly piqued their interest at the 2021 Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon.

The awards as chosen by these judges were presented Thursday afternoon (August 19) at the show, in a presentation emceed by Christina Salwitz, The Personal Garden Coach. Both live goods and hard goods were eligible. The awards winners were as follows:

  • Biological Controls — offered by Biobest USA (Booth #12030) — The firm has available a large variety of biological pest management tools, including beneficial insects, mites and nematodes. The company had an eye catching display at the show with live bees in a secure container. Info: www.biobestgroup.com.
  • SeaCoast Compost Biodynamic® compost and potting soils — produced by SeaCoast Compost (Booth #13014) — SeaCoast Compost offers a line of extremely high quality biodynamic composts and potting soils created from composting fish carcasses, crab and shrimp shells, cow manure and red alder. The products in the line include a variety of compost preps, including Yarrow, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandelion and Valeran. “It’s a very premium product, very nutrient dense,” company representative David Boyer said. “It can eliminate the need for fertilizer.” Info: www.redefiningcompost.com.
  • Biodynamic® plants — available from Suncrest Nurseries (Booth #9025) – Suncrest Nurseries, located near Watsonville, California, offers their new Biodynamic and Organic Eco-Conscious Beauty line, featuring edible medicinal, habitat and native plants. Suncrest is the first certified Biodynamic® commercial wholesale nursery in the United States. Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition, according to the Biodynamic Association. Info: www.suncrestnurseries.com.
  • C Bite Clips — available from Thriving Design (Booth #20056) — These patented clips are made for trellising and are designed for use in various garden applications, such as trellising, plant supports, tomato cages and more. They can connect to each other in as many as three different directions, and operate like Tinker Toys for the garden. In addition to stakes, one can attach ropes or fabric to them. They are made in the USA of UV-resistant, non-virgin plastic for many seasons of use. Info: www.thrivingdesign.com.
  • Gard-N-Hook — Zaydoe Creative (Booth #13046) — Zaydoe Creative is an Oregonbased company that creates and manufactures tools for the garden, vineyard and horticulture industries. Their Gard-N-Hook is a multipurpose tool specifically designed to lift and retrieve flower baskets and bird feeders, drag heavy or cumbersome nursery pots for eacy placement, and wrangle thorny bushes and tree branches for pruning without touching them. Info: www.gard-n-hook.com.
  • Kent’s Big Dig shovel — available from Gerard’s Nursery (Booth #13016) — Nursery owner Kent Gerard got tired of shovels that break, so he developed a strong, durable, all metal digging shovel with a 15-inch uncoated blade and a hollow steel handle for strength and durability. The shovel was field tested by a digger with 30 years of experience and is American made. It weighs just eight pounds and has steps on both sides of the handle. “You can step on both sides and you don’t bust your boot,” company representative Allison Hawley said. Info: www.kentsbigdig.com.
  • Protective Sleeves — Farmers Defense (Booth #18055) — The company makes moisture-wicking, lightweight protective sleeves with a polyester blend fabric, to protect farmers and gardeners from the elements. It’s available in all sorts of colorful, artistic designs, or can be custom made with company logo for the buyer. “We make stuff that keeps the farmers comfortable and protected,” company representative Kaz Kosciolek said. Information: www.farmersdefense.com

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The Farwest Show, the biggest green industry trade show in the West, is produced by the OAN, a trade organization that represents and serves the interests of the ornamental horticulture industry. Any revenue realized by the OAN is reinvested into the industry through education, research, marketing support and government relations. For more details on the 2021 Farwest Show, taking place August 18–20, visit www.FarwestShow.com or call 503-6825089.