Flowers by Sea Conference – The Colombia & Kenya Experience

Seafreight replacing airfreight is just a matter of time. Shipping flowers by boat from Africa to Europe is not only possible, it is the future alternative for airfreight. South America is already ‘doing’ it. By 2030 it is expected that 50% of all perishable products will be transported by boat. How ever this can only happen in case the necessary logistical conditions will be met. So there is a lot of work to do. Diseases, delays are just a few factors that can cause huge damages to the products.

But not only on the logistical side one can think of various challenges, also the breeding and production will require extra developments needed to make it all happen.

Bringing two countries together to the table that already export their perishable flower products by boat will not only be a very interesting opportunity to be part of, but also very informative.

For this reason several key players currently directly or indirectly involved in the flower industry of Kenya and Colombia, will be brought together in a panel and for the biggest part interact through Q&A’s through the participants in the audience. A morning session that will take place on Tuesday November 8 at the auditorium of the same venue, where IFTF 2022 ( will open its doors the next day, i.e. on Wednesday November 9.

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