Agriflor in Ecuador Heading For First Annual Edition

September 5, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

In exactly one month, the international flower trade exhibition AGRIFLOR will open its doors for the first time as an annual trade show. With a total of around 75 flower growers, international buyers are invited to meet with mainly Ecuadorian non associated flower growers & exporters.

Agriflor 2019 on Track for First Yearly Edition

May 30, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

The former biennial held trade exhibition changed into an annual event after last year, as a result of the different course the organizers decided to follow. The fair will as of this year focus more on new and smaller exporting flower growers as well as on growers that export other type of flowers than roses only.

IFTF Heading For Its 10th Anniversary Celebration

April 26, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

The International Floriculture Trade fair IFTF is heading for its 10th edition this year. A reason to celebrate with a cocktail on the evening of the first day of the fair, Wednesday November 6th, when the show will be open until 21:00 hrs. This so called ‘evening opening’ will also make it more easy for exhibitors of the trade fair at the Royal FloraHolland auction to attend IFTF.

Agriflor Turning Into Yearly Flower Trade Fair

April 15, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

As of this year the international flower trade fair “AGRIFLOR” in Ecuador, has changed from a biennial into an annual event for the world floriculture industry.

IFTEX Warming up for 8th Edition Kenya’s Flower Trade Fair

April 3, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

In a bit more than 2 months the next edition of IFTEX will take place in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. IFTEX will be held as every year in the Oshwal Center in Westland. A beautiful location in the heart of Nairobi, where Kenya’s flower industry will show case its best and latest varieties of flowers, ready for the world to buy.