Important Announcements From Florint’s 2019 General Assembly

International Florist Organisation held its General Assembly in Graz, Austria, on October 5. The annual event was hosted by our Austrian member association WKO, alongside the country’s famous Alpe Adria Cup 2019. A record number of delegates were involved, and several important issues were announced and decided. We sum them up for you, below.

Europa Cup 2020:

• The development of the Europa Cup 2020 – held on June 5 & 6 in Katowice, Poland – is going well. An incredible amount of work has been put in by the organising committee from Polish florist association SFP, and they have a lot to show for their efforts. The championship regulations and enrolment process will be officially announced to the members of Florint end of this month, October. Enrolment will be opened to non-members in December. Visit the Europa Cup website for more info, and bookmark it as more announcements are coming up!
• With the increasing internationalisation of Florint, has come the gradual globalisation of the Europa Cup. Next year’s Europa Cup 2020 will also become a more ‘Open Cup’, with contestants from all over the world taking part. This includes competitors from new Florint member countries like China and South Korea, as well as other nations that are not (yet) members of Florint.

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