Lipa Pink Mini – Love is on Your Lips

One of this year’s promising launches is Lipa® Pink Mini. It is a variety with an abundance of cute, small white-pink flowers that immediately appeals to the imagination. Lipa® Pink Mini immediately attracts attention and is subtle at the same time. That in itself is an achievement. 

Lipa Pink Mini appeals to a wide audience with its cheerful appearance and beautiful color combination. The appealing color scheme also appeals to the young audience. The heart-shaped flowers complete the picture. Therefore, of course, the appropriate slogan; love is on your lips. 

The most suitable pot sizes for Lipa Pink Mini to grow are 9 and 12. It is important that the young and compact plant material is potted quickly into its final pot size. Otherwise, Lipa Pink Mini still has a tendency to stretch and become a bit too long. Lipa Pink Mini is easy to transport (approx. 48 hours) at a temperature of around 4°C. Tests at Anthura have proven this. 

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