McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture Plant Roots in Chicago, the Heartland of Horticulture

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture are happy to announce their long-term commitment to the Chicago region by consolidating each company’s young plant division into one Chicagoland office. 

“This is an exciting market for us,” said Nathan Lamkey, president of McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture. “From a business and growth perspective, Chicago is an excellent area for our industry and the perfect location for a hub. This decision will help us better support our customers as we move forward.”

Horticulturally, Chicago is the center of where things are happening, so having a strong presence there for both companies makes perfect sense. Some well-known universities in the region have a strong legacy in horticulture programs and there is an experienced talent base that comes with being in the Midwest’s largest city. Highly skilled staff are connected to each company’s customer base in the horticulture industry and it makes for a competitive marketplace. The Midwest is an important growing region for numerous brands that McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture represent as full-service brokers.  

“Our solid, well-trained team of sales reps, customer support and operations team all have deep industry knowledge that makes us more efficient,” said Amy Edmeier, director of operations for the plant divisions of both McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture. “Combined, our two companies employ 106 people and this recent consolidation added five management positions to our Naperville office which makes us even more helpful to our customers.”

McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture are still looking to expand in the Chicagoland area. Both companies are hiring for internal staff positions such as customer service representatives. The horticulture industry itself continues to thrive during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. With their direct competitors also operating in the Chicago region, McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture remain confident that they are the growing broker to be with and are squarely focused on providing value to their internal and external customers as the new year ramps up.    

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