National Garden Bureau Announces Winners of the 2021 #YearoftheSunflower Video Contest

National Garden Bureau, the 100-year-old non-profit organization that promotes gardening on behalf of the horticulture industry, is proud to announce the winners of this year’s #YearoftheSunflower Video contest.

Winners were chosen by a panel of industry professionals. Sunflower Videos were judged and scored on appeal, creativity, and a demonstration of sunflower’s unique beauty and characteristics. Links to each video are included below.

NGB congratulates everyone for their entries. “Thank you” for bringing a smile to the faces of others with your promotion of this beloved flower.

The Two First Place Winners:

  1. Lee College Horticulture Program (YouTube)
  2. Williams Nursery (TikTok)

The Runner-Up Winners:

  1. Kathy Jentz (YouTube)
  2. Julia Collins (YouTube)
  3. Shop 101 Market (Instagram)
  4. Goose Patch (Instagram)

“We want to thank the National Garden Bureau for letting students and programs like Lee College be part of your fun and educational programs. Our students are convicted felons serving sentences in the State of Texas. They come from a multitude of diverse backgrounds that often include a history of substance abuse and mental health or emotional issues. The National Garden Bureau is one of those organizations that gives students like ours the chance to participate, work together as a team to show their love and enthusiasm for the field of Horticulture. Each year we look forward to seeing what NGB’s plants of the year will be and look forward to participating in the video challenge.”

NGB note: Lee College’s first video was the 2019 #YearoftheSnapdragon video which is always worth another view:

Sponsored by National Garden Bureau and its members, the #YEAROFTHESUNFLOWER video contest was designed to inspire creative videos from anyone and everyone who loves sunflowers, either as a tall garden flower, a shrub garden accent, a cut flower, or as a potted/patio plant.


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