New at Plantipp: Hibiscus Flower Tower

IJsselstein — From 1 July 2020 royalty management agency Plantipp BV from The Netherlands has taken over the management of the following varieties:

1. Hibiscus syriacus Purple Pillar® (‘Gandini Santiago’PBR)
2. Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar® (‘Gandini van Aart’PBR)

Please note that (from that date) the trade names will be changed to:

1. Hibiscus syriacus Flower Tower Purple (‘Gandini Santiago’PBR)
2. Hibiscus syriacus Flower Tower White (‘Gandini van Aart’PBR)

We kindly ask you to implement these changes in your database and communication. This means: websites, catalogues, delivery forms, labels, stock lists, trade platforms etc.

Breeders Mario and Adrienne van Aart from The Netherlands remain owners of the varieties. Also the denominations and the PBR-numbers stay unchanged.

The Flower Tower series lives up to its name: these Hibiscus cultivars have a gorgeous, upright and narrow growth habit. Perfect for small (and large) gardens! This series will soon be joined by the new, red-flowering Hibiscus syriacus Flower Tower Red (‘Gandini van Aart Red’PBRPENDING).

About Plantipp
Plantipp is specialized in royalty management and represents breeders of ornamental plants worldwide. Currently, about 600 varieties are managed and promoted by Plantipp in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Japan, Israel and South Africa. Plantipp has a passion for plants and respects its breeders. More information on the mentioned varieties can be found on our website