New Royal Hawaiian ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia from PDSI Named All-American Selections Winner

(Loxley, AL) Plant Development Services Inc. (PDSI) is thrilled to announce that its new consumer release, Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia has been named a 2023 All-American Selections Ornamental Winner.  

Lauded by judges for its showy coloration and remarkable hardiness, the variety debuts spring 2023 through PDSI’s Sunset® Plant Collection and Southern Living® Plant Collection.  Notably, the variety represents a dazzling new color introduction among colocasias and offers a compact size with endless decor possibilities. 

“With ‘Waikiki,’ we realized we had found something truly special: a plant whose eye-catching colors and compact habit mean it can flow seamlessly between outdoor landscapes and indoor settings as a vibrant houseplant,” says Janet Sluis, Director of Perennials and the Sunset Program for PDSI. “Receiving this recognition from AAS is particularly meaningful, as it proves that behind ‘Waikiki’s’ undeniable style is strong performance.” 

Developed in Hawaii by noted plant breeder Dr. John Cho through PlantHaven International Inc., Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’ represents a color breakthrough. Its glossy green foliage matures to develop bright white marking accented by flamingo pink veining, infusing a vibrant tropical flair in any container or landscape. The color on ‘Waikiki’ develops earlier than other colocasias at just four to five leaves, and its saturated magenta petioles are strong enough to withstand tough wind and rain. Hardy in USDA Zones 7b-11 in shade to partial sun conditions, ‘Waikiki’ is evergreen in areas that don’t experience hard frost. It can be brought inside in cooler climates to serve as a houseplant in the colder seasons. 

“As gardening continues to soar in popularity among younger generations and new audiences, we’re thrilled to deliver a stellar plant that combines bold colors with easy care,” says Kip McConnell, Vice President of Business Development for PDSI. “‘Waikiki’ is a showpiece in the landscape; it brings the warmth and energy of a tropical getaway to any setting.” 

The new Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia will be available in nursery centers, select retailers, and online at beginning in spring 2023. For more information, visit  

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