Review IPM Essen 2020

At the world’s leading horticultural trade fair IPM Essen from 28th to 31st January 2020, we confirmed our competency in breeding, as well as our sense for attractive marketing concepts at the POS. On clear theme walls and islands, the highlight varieties were presented. Our international team provided advice and support for the fair visitors.

With the main order season for Poinsettias coming up, we rolled out the red carpet for our new Poinsettia Superstar: SkyStar®. The new variety from Welzel Gartenbau is exclusively available in our assortment. The colouration of the red bracts with white spots has never existed before. After last year’s success of the new, recently with the Glazen Tulp awarded Poinsettia variety Christmas Mouse®, we continue our series of sensational Poinsettia breedings. As Selecta one is known, SkyStar® comes with a suitable marketing concept, which was demonstrated at the IPM booth: on podiums, with sparkling tinsel, red carpet and in the light of the spotlights with suitable pot leaves, printed pots and perfect scenery, a stage was provided at the IPM for the first major performance of the new Superstar. The colour spectrum and the outstanding characteristics of the large Selecta Poinsettia assortment were displayed on the usual podium.

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