Selecta One Announces New Trixi Catalog 2019/2020

Why decide on one variety, when you can have three in one? With our Trixi® you get three varieties in only one young plant!The result is a high-quality and colourful product in a perfect colour mixture – right from the beginning! All combinations are ideal for pot production.
Trixi® means easy going for everyone! Our tried-and-tested mixes can be cultivated quickly and successfully and provide an excellent product, which fascinates the retail and the consumers.

Our Calibrachoa varieties always cut a good figure as Trixi®. We categorised them according to their respective suitability. You find single flowering Calibrachoa of our series Uno in the “early & compact” mixes, which we selected for you using the criteria of early blooming, uniformity/regularity, and compact and easy to manage growth. Furthermore, you find our „best for basket“ mixes – early-flowering, homogeneous mixes ideal for hanging baskets and large containers.
Our „double classics“ mixes are early-flowering and homogeneous. Here we have two new combinations for you: Fancy Petticoat and Blue Petticoat. Their double flowering varieties with 3D effect particularly catch the eye.

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