SAF: Dispel the Poinsettia Toxicity Myth

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The poinsettia is the quintessential Christmas plant. However, many consumers (namely, pet owners and parents of young children) shy away from it because of the belief that it can endanger a loved one.

Set the record straight with your customers on this longstanding myth: The poinsettia is the most widely tested plant and has been proven to be non-toxic. Research trials at Ohio State University revealed that a pet or child would need to ingest more than 500 leaves to become seriously ill. (That said, poinsettias are a decoration and should be kept out of reach of children and animals prone to munching on foreign objects.)

For your convenience, SAF has created a variety of poinsettia fliers and brochures to provide your customers with care and handling tips, toxicity research facts and the history of this popular yuletide plant.

Print, copy and place the flier or brochure at your checkout counters and near poinsettia displays. You can also send the brochure to local news media and include a personal note: “I thought your readers might find this information useful. Feel free to contact me about it. I’m always happy to share a few expert tips on holiday décor too.”

Learn more about poinsettias and toxicity myths here