South African and Australian Beauties in Ramona, CA

Driving into Ramona, one can’t help but notice some towering trees with their prominent mustard-orange flowers. Those who know their trees will tell you they are called “silk oaks.” But they are definitely not oak trees. They are grevilleas, which are in the family of proteas. Yes, proteas, which you can grow right here in Ramona. 

Indigenous to South Africa and Australia, proteas have made their way into many Southern California gardens through the exporting of these exotic plants back in the 1970s. The family of protea is very expansive, with about 14 genera and 1,600 species. These magnificent plants are among florists’ favorites, not only for their beauty, but also for their longevity and usefulness in dried flower arrangements. A typical bouquet may last as long as three to six weeks, or more. 

Though proteas are quite pricy, they are still highly desired by avid gardeners, who travel far to find varieties to add to their gardens. The beauty and rarity of the Arctic Ice White King protea are attractive to brides who dream of holding a bouquet of them.

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