Spice Up The Garden With A Winner! Pot-a-peño Receives All-America Selections Regional Award

WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: PanAmerican Seed is pleased to accept a 2021 All-America Selections Regional Award for its new Pepper Pot-a-peño. This Capsicum annuum is a Jalapeño-type that spices up vegetable gardens with a fun, unique cascading habit, high yield, and early maturing, mildly spicy fruit.

With the rise in new gardeners this year plus the increased enjoyment of growing your own food, this pepper is perfect for small spaces or hanging basket opportunities. Pot-a-peño produces tons of trailing fruit under a dense canopy of small, dark green leaves. It’s also one of the first peppers to fruit in the garden. This early maturing impressed AAS judges in the Great Lakes and West/Northwest.

Besides its excellent habit, judges also appreciated the ease of harvesting. “Fruit came right off and didn’t damage stems,” one judge pointed out. “A very nice feature.”
Another judge commented that the flavor was mild and not overbearing to eat fresh. Pot-a-peño’s jalapeños can be harvested green for a traditional zip in any recipe or allowed to ripen to red for a sweet-spicy flavor.

“Pot-a-peño’s cascading habit is really something special, making it an attractive addition to patios. It’s also highly productive, which truly made it a winner with judges,” says Josh Kirschenbaum, Vegetable Sales Account Manager for PanAmerican Seed. “We’re thrilled it is launching with an All-America Selections Award and we can’t wait for gardeners to enjoy it soon in their outdoor living spaces.”

AAS winners receive special promotion and recognition in consumer media through the organization. Be sure to include Pepper Pot-a-peño in your spring assortment. Seed is available for immediate sales. Contact your preferred distributor to place an order.

Learn more about Pot-a-peño and the full assortment of PanAmerican Seed vegetables at www.panamseed.com/vegetables.

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Since 1932, All-America Selections (AAS) has promoted new garden seed varieties that pass the test of superior garden performance judged in impartial trials throughout North America. For more information, visit www.all-americaselections.org.

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