Terra Nova Nurseries Introduces Sneak Peek of Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ and Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’

Canby, Ore. – Terra Nova Nurseries announced sneak peeks of two brand-new varieties, Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ and Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’. Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ is the newest addition to Terra Nova’s Begonia HOLIDAY series. It is also a lovely, cold-tolerant and multipurpose begonia that can be used as a houseplant, in mixed containers or in summer borders in shade!  Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’ is a lovely, citrusy addition to Terra Nova’s immensely popular POCO™ series.

Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ blooms bright pink flowers that contrast nicely with its silver-green foliage.

Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’ sprouts out huge numbers of blooms that hover over the very upright, grassy foliage. This perennial also produces short, dense flower spikes that gradually lighten in color from creamy lime-green to fresh lemon to Canary yellow to butter crème, creating a striking ombré effect. It is excellent for the front of the border or in a container.

Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ has a shorter, rounder habit than Begonia HOLIDAY ‘Snowflake’, with darker green leaves and rosier flowers. This annual variety is also well-suited for the American Deep South.

Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’ has a variety of special uses; it is a great cut flower, deer resistant, a hummingbird attractor, and well suited for the American Deep South, amongst other uses.

Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve’ is an evergreen plant. U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zones for Begonia HOLIDAY ‘New Year’s Eve” are 10-11, and it is a full-shade variety. It has a foliage height of 12”, a foliage spread of 18” and a flower height of 13”.

Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’ blooms from July to October, and its growth habit is clumping and upright. U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zones for Kniphofia ‘Poco Citron’ are 6-9, and its exposure allows for full sun. It has a foliage height and spread of 14”, and a flower height of 20”.

Terra Nova Nurseries has created a “Plant Profile” page and “Grower Recipe” specific to these new varieties so growers interested in orders can learn about growing habits, plant characteristics, fertilization recommendations, water requirements, and other insights provided by the breeding team. These documents can be viewed and downloaded for printing at: http://www.terranovanurseries.com/product/begonia-holiday-new-years-eve/ and http://www.terranovanurseries.com/product/kniphofia-poco-citron/. Growers can contact their Terra Nova Nurseries representatives or email the sales team at sales@terranovanurseries.com.