Winner of the 2022 Greenovation Award: ‘An excellent way to raise awareness about sustainable ideas’

Hazeu Orchids was last year’s proud winner of the Greenovation Award. What did winning the award accomplish, and why should participants be sure to register this year? We talk with Chiel Hazeu, co-owner of the family business based in Pijnacker.

The Greenovation Award is presented each year to the grower with the best sustainable innovation in the floriculture industry. For 2022, that was Hazeu Orchids with their hexagonal pot. This hexagonal pot allows 20% more orchids on the same surface area. This better utilisation of space also means 20% more plants on transport and therefore a 20% reduction in energy consumption. ‘A great example of practical, applicable and tangible innovation. Hazeu Orchids is doing the industry a service,’ read the laudatory jury verdict.

Many positive reactions
What did Hazeu Orchids gain from the award? ‘We received many positive responses from the market and a lot of publicity,’ says Chiel, who runs the company together with his brother Sjors. ‘We are finding that our name is now associated with sustainability. That is positive.’

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