Royal FloraHolland Starts Research Into Feasibility of New Logistics Centres

July 8, 2020 Royal FloraHolland

In line with its strategy, Royal FloraHolland is also working on its own real estate strategy.

First Glazen Tulp 2021 Semi-Finalists Announced

July 7, 2020 Royal FloraHolland

Every year, Royal FloraHolland searches for the best market introduction in floriculture. The first voting round for the Glazen Tulp was recently completed, yielding a number of semi-finalists.

Annual report: Royal FloraHolland’s Turnover Increased to € 4.8B in 2019

June 9, 2020 Royal FloraHolland

In the marketplace of Royal FloraHolland, 12.3 billion flowers and plants were traded in 2019, an increase of 1.5%. Product turnover was € 4.8 billion, an increase of 3.1% compared to 2018. There were both higher volumes and higher prices.

Royal Floraholland Corona Crisis: Country Updates

May 19, 2020 Royal Floraholland

Royal FloraHolland keeps a close eye on developments related to the Coronavirus in order to keep our (member) suppliers, buyers, employees and visitors to our locations safe and healthy. In addition, we inform you about the consequences of the corona virus on the Dutch and international horticultural market.

Glass Tulip Award 2021: Vote for the Best Market Introduction

May 11, 2020 Royal Floraholland

What you grow with passion, you put in the market with care. That certainly applies to the introduction of novelties and concepts. New products and innovation deserve extra attention. That’s why we put innovations in the spotlight with the Glass Tulip Award.