Who are the Winners of the Glazen Tulp Awards 2023?

December 27, 2022 Royal FloraHolland

After almost a year of campaigning, nominations, two rounds of voting and judging, the time had come: the announcement of who would receive the Glazen Tulp Award 2022. After two years without a live award ceremony and with award winners in five different categories, it was a very festive evening. Below you will find all winners, as well as numbers two and three; their achievement is definitely also worthy of congratulations.

The Nominees for the Greenovation Award 2022 have been Revealed

October 14, 2022 Royal FloraHolland

The professional jury for the Greenovation Award was faced with another daunting task: to select the best ideas from all the submissions. This resulted in the nomination of nine companies with very diverse sustainable products and concepts.

The Results of the First Round of Voting for the Glazen Tulp Award Announced

May 27, 2022 Royal FloraHolland

Novelties and innovation are important to our floriculture industry, which is why throughout the year we make a special appeal to growers to register for the Glazen Tulp, so that their products can get the attention that they deserve.The Glazen Tulp Award is a highly prestigious award in the floriculture sector. The award goes to the best market introduction in the following five categories:

Why is the Right Dosing So Important? -Chrysal

January 12, 2022 Chrysal International

You want your customers to enjoy your beautiful flowers for as long as possible so with every bouquet being sold, you give care tips and also add a flower food sachet. This way you make sure that your customer can enjoy the bouquet for at least 8 days and will return as a happy customer. But are you giving enough flower food? An independent test carried out by Royal FloraHolland states that flowers stay beautiful longer with the right amount of flower food compared to tap water alone.

Board of Directors: There is Now a Truly Different Royal FloraHolland

December 28, 2021 Royal FloraHolland

In this series of columns, we give the floor to the directors and managers of Royal FloraHolland. This time, CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde looks back on the past year. “We have really changed over the past year, both in terms of content and our approach.”