3D Printed Steaks Could be the Next Emerging Tech ESG Investors Should be Watching – Here’s Why

As the world’s growing population brings with it a growing demand for meat, the environmental pressures of meat consumption are coming into sharper focus. To meet that demand while decreasing the environmental impact the industry has, companies like Steakholder Foods Ltd are developing new technology for lab-grown meat. Here’s what investors should know about the emergence of food printing. 

Meat Accounts For About A Third Of The Agricultural Industry’s Emissions And Deforestation Problem

If the global population cut its meat consumption in half, greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural industry would drop by 31%. At the same time, the acres of land used to feed and raise livestock would decrease so much that it would almost stop the net loss of forests. If just half of that newly freed-up land were also restored through tree planting to create forest land, the amount of emissions captured by those new forests would double that 31% drop in emissions. 

Despite that significant potential to reduce the pressure on the environment and limited natural resources, meat consumption is actually expected to rise in the future. Instead of falling by half, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates global meat consumption will rise by 14% by 2030. 

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