A New Look for duBreton’s Products

Saint-Bernard, QC, Canada – DuBreton, a recognized leader in the production of organic meats and certified animal welfare, is pleased to unveil the new design of its product’s packaging.

The iconic duBreton’s leaf, present in the logo, is now at the heart of the packaging design, reflecting our organic practices. Our commitment to animal welfare is highlighted by the integration of the “Free-Range Raised” icon, a unique and important feature for our consumers. Our packaging also includes the logos of our Certified Humane and organic certifications, which are audited annually by independent third parties.

Moreover, we have added a touch of modernity and dynamism to our packaging by rethinking the color codes that will facilitate the differentiation of our organic, animal welfare certified, and antibiotic-free products as well as the identification of flavors.

“We are proud to unveil this new, unique, and modern design that highlights the values of duBreton and reflects our commitment to sustainable development, animal welfare, and organic farming,” stated Mr. Vincent Breton, president.

We invite you to discover and enjoy the new duBreton’s packaging in the Annex.