American Farmers Network to Bolster Definition and Establish Criteria for Regeneratively Raised Grass-Fed Beef

As the leading domestic grass-fed beef producer in the United States, American Farmers Network (AFN) has already established and implemented criteria for regeneratively raised beef standards throughout its extensive network of family ranchers. With AFN already having USDA approval to use the Regenerative Agriculture claim on its packaging for products currently being distributed through retail chains nationwide, they are perfectly situated to pioneer the development of a comprehensive certification criteria for regenerative grass-fed beef production across the entire beef category.

Sanin Mirvic, CEO of American Farmers Network, affirms their readiness to bolster these efforts in the U.S. market: “We are perfectly positioned to lead the effort for the regenerative movement to become a viable certification program in the United States. We hope to work closely with different regenerative alliances and organizations to help further define and strengthen certification criteria for the beef industry. With our knowledge and experience in this industry, we intend to bridge the gap between philosophical and practical methods to further instill validity, trust and credibility for all stakeholders involved.”

The collaboration between AFN and third-party certifying organizations will mark a significant step toward establishing transparent and concise certification standards for the beef industry. Drawing from the principles of regenerative agriculture, which prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and animal welfare, AFN aims to provide consumers with transparent and trustworthy meat choices.

“We believe that better meat should be accessible to everyone,” states Mirvic. “With a certification seal backed by rigorous audits, consumers can confidently make ethical choices at the meat counter.” In addition, AFN is eager to continue working with its retail, food service, and institutional partners on deployment and availability of regeneratively raised beef to consumers nationwide.

Through partnerships, AFN — a beacon of sustainability and ethical ranching practices —
hopes to incentivize more producers to adopt regenerative farming practices. By creating a framework that highlights the efforts of responsible ranchers, AFN aspires to nurture a more sustainable and ethical agricultural landscape overall.

The certification criteria developed in collaboration will encompass various aspects of beef production, including grazing management, soil health, animal welfare, and social responsibility. The ranches meeting these criteria will receive formal certification, distinguishing their products in the marketplace as exemplars of sustainability and ethical standards.

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