Canadians’ Love for Bacon Sizzles on National Bacon Day

RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, QC – It’s no secret that Canadians love bacon, but a new survey shows just how deep our devotion runs. In celebration of National Bacon Day on Sunday, December 30, 2018, duBreton® – an all-Canadian pork specialist at the forefront of Certified Humane® and organic pork production in North America – conducted a survey among Canadians who like bacon to reveal how deep is our love.

  • Can’t buy the love – More than half (54 per cent) say it would take $1 million or more to agree to giving up bacon for life, with 25 per cent proclaiming that they wouldn’t give up bacon for any amount of money!
  • Canada’s national food – 98 per cent say bacon is among their favourite foods. Close to half – 45 per cent – list it in their Top 10, and another 14 per cent say bacon is their All-time Favourite Food. The love of bacon is strongest among Millennials with 20 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 naming bacon as their #1 favourite food.
  • More sizzle in the frying pan than relationships – Surprisingly, eight per cent of bacon-liking Canadians confess to liking bacon more than their spouse. In Ontario, this number jumps to a jaw-dropping 47 per cent!

Other sizzling stats conclude:

  • 28 per cent like bacon more than their in-laws
  • 40 per cent favour bacon over their cell phone
  • 30 per cent prefer bacon to their job
  • 27 per cent like bacon more than New Year’s Eve

And, nine per cent of those surveyed love bacon more than all of the above!

  • Looking for the perfect hostess gift: 42 per cent of those surveyed would rather receive perfectly cooked bacon to a bottle of wine. Bacon is also preferable to other common hostess gifts with 42 per cent choosing bacon over a candle.

Give the People What They Want: “Bacon Me Crazy” Brunch Recipes
Nestled in the lead-up to New Year’s Eve, National Bacon Day is a fun and unexpected reason to get together with loved ones during the holiday season. DuBreton has worked with celebrity Chef Vittorio Colacitti to create a trio of ultimate bacon brunch recipes including a brilliant Benedict, along with cocktail and mocktail pairings. The original “duBreton Bacon Me Crazy” brunch recipes can be found at and include:

  • Entrée: Bite-Sized DuBreton Latke Benedict  – Baked and glazed Maple Dijon bacon with crispy latke, soft quail egg and hollandaise.
  • Cocktail: Bourbon Brunch Sour – Bourbon shaken with egg white, bacon infused simple syrup, lemon juice and Bitters. Served with a bacon strip garnish.
  • Mocktail:  Little Caes (Virgin Caesar) – Crispy bacon rimmer, clamato juice mixed with lime juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce, and garnished with bacon-wrapped olives.

Bacon Makes our Senses Sing 
The duBreton survey also revealed what most attracts Canadians to bacon. Turns out, bacon offers a multi-sensory experience. Not surprisingly, 86 per cent cite taste as the top reason we love bacon, followed by aroma at 78 per cent, and crispiness at 62 per cent.

“It’s clear that Canadians are bacon-obsessed and, as a chef, I can say that not all bacon is created equal in quality or taste,” explains Chef Vittorio. “It’s easy to spot a quality bacon like duBreton. The generous slices are naturally-smoked with no added nitrites or nitrates and it’s perfectly-seasoned with a great meat to fat ratio, making it great for cooking. For the home cook, I recommend looking for the Certified Humane® logo. It’s a sign that the producer cares about quality, and the bacon will be delicious.”

Bacon – True, Patriot Love
This National Bacon Day, Sunday, December 30, treat those you love to what they love. Whether you try one of Chef Vittorio’s bacon brunch recipes or simply fry up a few slices of duBreton bacon for a comforting breakfast or BLT, this is the day to declare your true, patriot love. Share your bacon adoration by posting on social media using the hashtag #duBretonBaconDay.

DuBreton bacon is naturally-smoked with no added nitrites or nitrates and is available in Rustic Farm Pork (blue label) and Organic Pork (green label) in Smoked and Black Forest Smoked flavours.

DuBreton products are Certified Humane® and Canada Organic, and also meets the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-step program standards – a mandatory program adopted by Whole Foods Market that recognizes farmers and ranchers that exceed industry standards and strive to continuously improve animal welfare. DuBreton pigs are raised in a crate-free environment on family farms in Ontario and Quebec, fed a high-quality vegetarian diet and are never exposed to antibiotics*. The pigs have free access to shelter and hay or straw bedded resting areas as well as the space and ability to engage in natural behaviors.

DuBreton products are available at major grocery stores and specialty organic and natural health retailers, including Whole Foods, Longo’s, Metro, Farm Boy, Organic Garage, The Big Carrot, Nature’s Emporium, Sobeys and other purveyors of fine foods.

About Chef Vittorio Colacitti
As a boy, Chef Vittorio spent a great deal of time on his grandfather’s organic farm where he learned that food needs to be respected, raised and grown, not just “bought”. This instilled a love and appreciation for the roots of cuisine which is reflected in his restaurant menus that feature local and seasonal organic produce, and hormone-free and free-range proteins. Currently, Chef Vittorio operates two restaurants in Toronto – The Good Son and The Good Son Pizza in the Assembly Chef’s Hall – and three in Hamilton: Born and Raised; Taqueria Marina; and Shaolin Underground.

About duBreton: 
A Family Business, A Tradition of Quality, A Commitment to a Better World
The year 1944 marked the beginning of a new company built by a passionate young farming couple named Napoleon and Adrienne Breton. Over time and through acquisitions and development of other companies, the Breton Tradition 1944 became one of the jewels of Quebec agri-food production, particularly in the pork sector. Now a leading pork specialist with farming in both Quebec and Ontario, duBreton’s goal is to satisfy the tastes of the best chefs, restaurants and homes throughout Canada, the United States and Asia. DuBreton offers a complete range of the highest quality pork products from pigs raised and processed to the highest standards of quality and animal care. DuBreton’s Rustic Farm Pork and Organic lines have an increased focus on humane farming techniques and respect the animals’ natural development and environment.

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