Carnivorous Snackability: The Ongoing Appeal of Meat Snacks

The first meat snacks were consumed thousands of years ago, as travelers tucked dried meats into camel or horse saddles for nourishment during long journeys. Flash forward a millennium or two, and meat snacks in many different forms and flavors are being tossed into backpacks or pulled from pantries for between-meal sustenance.

The appeal of portability, nutrition in the way of protein and satiety has led to meat snacks keeping a wide appeal. Dollar sales of meat snacks experienced a 4.8% compound growth rate over the past four years, according to data from Nielsen. Research from Technavio projects global sales of meat snacks could reach $9.47 billion by 2021.

If sales are solid, so is the consumer base. Underscoring the perennial appeal of this type of product, younger consumers savor meat snacks as much as older consumers. Recent information from CarbonView Research, for example, shows that meat snacks are one of the top four food items that millennials buy in convenience stores.

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