Einride and Beyond Meat Work Together to Introduce Electric Vehicles to Beyond Meat’s U.S. Shipping Network

Freight technology company Einride announced that it is now working with plant-based meat company Beyond Meat® to provide digital, electric transportation solutions to the company’s U.S. operations. 

Einride and Beyond Meat are pushing positive environmental change in their respective industries, with Einride developing greener, resilient supply chains and Beyond Meat producing plant-based proteins that are better for people and the planet. By working together, the companies are moving towards building smarter, more environmentally-friendly operations.  

The first phase of the partnership includes the deployment of five Einride connected electric trucks and the development, installation, and building of the charging infrastructure to support it. This use of Einride’s electric freight solutions at Beyond Meat facilities is expected to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions while simultaneously reducing operational costs and increasing transportation capacity. Over the next five years, Einride and Beyond Meat have a target of scaling connected e-trucks across Beyond Meat’s U.S. operations.  

“Achieving a sustainable future requires collaboration and cooperation among brands from every industry and we’re thrilled to add Beyond Meat to our growing network of U.S. companies committed to creating a clean and efficient supply chain,” said Einride’s Niklas Reinedahl, General Manager of North America. “Working with Beyond Meat was a natural fit given our aligned efforts to offer actionable products rooted in creating a more sustainable future. By offering our services to help build a more intelligent shipping system for Beyond Meat, we’ll be able to reduce CO2 emissions.” 

“At Beyond Meat we recognize the importance of not just focusing our sustainability efforts on our products, but incorporating this mindset across our business operations as well. We are committed to optimizing the journey our products take to reach consumers’ plates to make it more sustainable, and our partnership with Einride is one of many steps we are taking to make that a reality,” said Christopher Pimentel, Director of Environment, Health, Safety at Beyond Meat.

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Einride is a freight technology company building the infrastructure for the future of the shipping industry. Through its electric and autonomous fleets, charging and connectivity networks, and proprietary operating system, Saga, Einride empowers shippers to deploy sustainable operations for their business, their workforce and the planet. Founded in 2016, Einride became the first company to deploy an autonomous, electric freight vehicle on a public road in 2019. For more information, please visit einride.tech.

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