Feltman’s of Coney Island–The Original Hot Dog Brand–Launches at Whole Foods Market

NEW YORK — Feltman’s of Coney Island, the original hot dog brand, is thrilled to announce its launch at more than 150 Whole Foods Market locations throughout the North Atlantic, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Florida.

Feltman’s Original Casing Hot Dog 1-lb. 6-Packs and Feltman’s Skinless Hot Dogs 1-lb. 10-Packs have officially hit Whole Foods Market shelves throughout Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

First established in 1867 by Charles Feltman upon introducing the world’s first hot dog to Coney Island beachgoers, Feltman’s of Coney Island today endures as a symbol of American tradition, serving only the highest-quality uncured all-natural beef hot dogs inspired by Charles Feltman’s old-world Frankfurter sausage recipe.

“The launch of Feltman’s at Whole Foods Market, which continues to set the bar for high-quality, thoughtfully-made foods, is an incredible testament to the premier craftsmanship that goes into making our all natural 100% beef hot dogs,” said Feltman’s of Coney Island Co-Owner & President Michael Quinn, who resurrected the famous Feltman’s brand—and Charles Feltman’s old-world recipe—in 2015 with his brother Joe Quinn, in honor of their late brother who died in the 9/11 attacks.

Under the Quinn brothers’ leadership, Feltman’s of Coney Island began rapidly scaling into retail grocers in 2018. To date, the veteran owned and operated business has experienced 145% year-over-year revenue growth with its products distributed to more than 1,500 retailers nationwide.

“We couldn’t think of a better partner than Whole Foods Market as we continue to grow and revitalize this legacy American brand,” continued Michael Quinn. “We are beyond proud to be bringing our critically-acclaimed hot dogs to Whole Foods Market’s health-savvy customers and their families, and hope to further inspire them to eat natural – one hot dog at a time.”

Feltman’s of Coney Island’s all-natural 100% beef hot dogs are nitrate-free and contain no artificial ingredients.  Made with the Original Frankfurter Spice Blend, Feltman’s Original Casing Hot Dogs are naturally smoked in a snappy lamb casing to seal in the smoky juices and unleash a marvelous explosion of spices and flavor with each bite.

Like the brand’s Original Hot Dogs, Feltman’s Skinless Hot Dogs are made with the Original Frankfurter Spice Blend for the same premium flavor, but without the casing. They are naturally smoked and cured for three hours in a smokehouse with bacon to infuse them with a perfect balance of savory and smoky flavor.

About Feltman’s of Coney Island:  Charles Feltman, a German immigrant, invented the hot dog in Coney Island during the summer of 1867 as a convenient way for beachgoers to enjoy quality sausages on a bun without plates and silverware, by turning his pie cart into a hot dog cart. From those humble beginnings grew not only Feltman’s Restaurant in Coney Island—expanding to eventually become the largest in the world by the turn of the century, serving 40,000 hot dogs a day and up to 10,000 guests at once!–but a symbol of American tradition and quality on Coney Island.  Today Feltman’s of Coney Island endures as a veteran-owned business under the leadership of Coney Island native and historian Michael Quinn. Feltman’s critically-acclaimed all beef hot dogs are naturally smoked in a lamb casing with no-nitrates added. They have been rated as the best in New York City by Gothamist and New York Magazine; the best in Coney Island by the New York Post, and #6 nationwide by The Daily Meal. Feltman’s brand hot dogs and mustard can be found at 1,500+ supermarkets nationwide, and online at Jet.com, Amazon, and FeltmansofConeyIsland.com with nationwide two-day delivery. All Feltman’s retail hot dog packs weigh in at a full pound. For more information, visit FeltmansofConeyIsland.com and follow on Facebook and Instagram at @feltmansconeyisland.