J&B Group Closing Pipestone Plant

J&B Group announced Sept. 18, that it’s closing its Pipestone plant.
The facility is for sale and the company will consolidate operations by moving the Pipestone production to its St. Michael headquarters.
J&B Group has owned the Pipestone meat processing plant for the past 12 years and employs approximately 145 people at the location.

The company is a wholesale distributor, freight logistics and protein manufacturing company that employs 832 people. The Pipestone operation, which produces fresh and frozen ground beef and steaks, will cease by Nov. 22 or within two weeks thereafter.

All impacted employees will have opportunities in St. Michael and will be eligible for relocation assistance. While they can’t guarantee the same job in St. Michael for all Pipestone employees, the company will find a place for all employees who want and are able to move, said Kelly Kiwus, vice president of corporate services, by phone from St. Michael.

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