KCBS Announces Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Brian Harvey has been named the newly created Director of Marketing and Partnerships for the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Brian will focus on developing marketing programs and partnering with the CEO to drive growth for KCBS. He will develop and implement new marketing programs and initiatives to help KCBS and its partners grow.  Brian will also be responsible for developing and cultivating all strategic partnerships and maintaining the day-to-day relationships on behalf of the organization.  

Brian Harvey has over 15 years of experience bringing top-tier brands to life.  After beginning his career as a broadcaster and journalist, he went on to a series of marketing roles with Red Bull, 5-hour ENERGY, Zipcar, and Hostess Brands.  Over his career, he has developed or grown programs for experiential marketing, sampling, licensing, public relations, events, trade shows, agency management, member marketing, opinion leaders, product placement, and partnerships that ranged from community partners to major league sports.  Multiple times in his past, Brian has been placed in newly created positions and also has experience rebuilding during times of organizational transformation.  

Brian’s most recent previous role had him leading the Hostess 100th anniversary consumer program.  This national program generated over 200-thousand individual consumer interactions, a first-of-its-kind celebrity event, substantial earned media that included national television, and saw Hostess’ highest revenue quarter ever.  Previously, he also conceived and executed a PR stunt that generated over 1.3-billion estimated earned media impressions from a less than $1,500 investment.  During his time at Zipcar, a membership-based organization, he led his team to achieve the company’s highest Net Promoter Scores in North America.

Emily Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer of KCBS states, “”I am excited to have Brian Harvey join us as our Director of Marketing and Partnerships. Brian has a tremendous background in building brands and developing innovative partnerships with leading brands such as Hostess, 5-hour ENERGY and Red Bull in the food and beverage space, as well as building the Zipcar brand. His experience as a marketer, combined with his passion for barbeque, including as a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge, make him an ideal fit for helping us grow the KCBS brand. He will also be a great asset for our partners in helping them work through how to build custom programs to reach both the professional pitmaster and the backyard grilling and smoking enthusiast.” 

Please join us in welcoming Brian Harvey to the team!