Knock Father’s Day out of the park with Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage

NEW ORLEANS – Backyard grilling is the perfect opportunity to celebrate – and impress – a Dad on his special day. Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage is partnering with seven grill masters and chefs to put their spin on new, mouth-watering recipes using both Andouille and Cajun flavors for Father’s Day. Join Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage as we follow their social media profiles for the signature dishes each will bring to the cookout!

Acclaimed digital culinary creator and recipe extraordinaire Derrick Worthey unveils his take on jambalaya with his Dirty Rice With Smoky Grilled Sausage recipe and makes a case for why it’s the perfect summer grilling dish fit for any occasion. With sauteed vegetables, well-seasoned rice and tender meat, Derrick covers all his bases for a dish that we know dad would love. Take it from him as a father of three!

Miguel Raya, @cooking_with_firebrings two different options for dad with Cajun style grilled dogs served on a buttery roll with sautéed onions and Oaxaca cheese and Andouille smoked sausage tacos topped with fresh mango habanero and pico de gallo.

Scott Thomas, also known as @GrillinFoolsshows us a fresh take on the classic kebab with jumbo sausage skewers topped with a creamy pesto and marinara sauce.

Katherine Salom,or @GirlGoneGrilling,  ramps up the heat with Cajun Sausage and Shrimp Grilled Foil Packs. See how she incorporates more than just the sausage and shrimp for a flavor packed dinner.

Dan Whalen, aka @tfimb, shows us the newest recipe getting caught in his beard! Deliciously oversized sausage dogs topped with rice noodles, mint, and spicy mayo. He also reveals how you can bring the extra heat to the recipe with a special caramelized onion slaw.   

Jess Pryles, aka @JessPrylesshows us why she calls herself a “hardcore carnivore” and meat scientist with the perfect surf and turf appetizer – mini crabcakes with a seared andouille slice topped with smoked pickled mustard.

Nick Evans, aka @macheesmo, showcases the perfect spiraled dogs with chunky Chicago relish that are a sure hit for any party!

Melissa Reome, known as @grillmomma, rounds out the lineup with Grilled Cajun Sausage and Shrimp Kebabs with lots of peppers, onions and seasoning. Bon appetit!

However you plan to grill this Father’s Day, use Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage to complete your recipes and add that Louisiana flair.

About Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage

Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage is 100% pork and contains no artificial colors or flavors, no by-products, no MSG and is gluten free. Visit for more easy recipes. Stock up on Zatarain’s Cajun and Andouille Smoked Sausage at Kroger, Walmart and Food Lion stores across the country.