Lone Creek Cattle Co. Announces New Private Label Opportunities for American Grass-Fed Beef

LINCOLN, Neb. — Lone Creek Cattle Co., a family-owned and operated cattle company in Nebraska, is excited to announce their new Private Label program for Grass-Fed Beef. This program will offer Grass Fed, Grass Finished, All-Natural Cattle, raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. With a consistently weekly and monthly harvest, this program offers retailers and distributors the power to build their own brand with a domestic grass fed beef product ensuring Midwest quality, performance, and flavor.

“We are passionate about raising our cattle the right way,” said Brian DeBrie., CFO of Lone Creek Cattle Co. “Our private label program allows us to partner with businesses who share our values and commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable American beef products.”

In addition to raising cattle with premium attributes, Lone Creek Cattle Co’s ties to Great Plains Beef, LLC open up opportunities to also harvest and produce beef into a variety of boxes, cuts, and grinds based on the program needs. It allows for a very controlled and sustainable production chain to ensure consistency, quality, and confidence.

“The import and supply of grass-finished beef coming from outside the US proves the increasing demand of grass-finished beef in this country. We are excited and proud to use our resources in this industry to provide a US raised and produce grassfed beef that consumers want to eat. There is no better part of the country to do it and do it right” says DeBrie.

For more information on how you can become a partner in this program, please contact Lone Creek Cattle Co at feedback@lonecreekcattleco.com.

About Lone Creek Cattle Co

Lone Creek Cattle Co emphasizes high ethical standards to raise healthy cows by employing humane, low-stress handling techniques and cutting-edge research in animal science and stockmanship. The cattle are raised in the most comfortable environment possible. Progressive ranching protocols such as EID (Electronic Identification) tagging technology, database tracking initiatives, and voluntary third-party audits are utilized to ensure we provide beef that meets our high standards for care, handling, and quality. Lone Creek Ranches are located across the Midwest, where cattle are given free range on the vast expanse of grassy prairies.