Nolan Ryan Beef Launches Uncured Beef Franks

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS –  Nolan Ryan Beef® is proud to announce the creation and launch of their first ever uncured beef frank.

“We are really excited to roll out this new version of the Nolan Ryan Beef and Nolan Ryan Pork and Beef Franks.  We are constantly working with our Research and Development team to create and improve our offerings in Foodservice and Retail.” says Chris Meighen, Vice President of Sales, for Nolan Ryan Beef®. The company has been supplying smoked beef franks to retail, foodservice, and ballpark venues for nearly ten years, but this product will be the first of its kind within their processed product offering.

Cody Marburger, Chief Operating Office and Vice President of Operations for Nolan Ryan Beef®, shares “The beef frank was reformulated to remove the added nitrites that previously served as the curing agent and replaced this ingredient with celery powder. The product will remain free of gluten, soy, and MSG, and it will still have the same great taste and texture our consumers have enjoyed for nearly a decade”. The product is set to launch with a foodservice partner in mid-July.

Meanwhile, the company will focus implementing this reformulation across its entire hot dog portfolio and expects to have this transition complete by the end of the third quarter. “It’s important that our products evolve to meet the growing demand and best interests of our consumer’s. Customers are seeking brands and products that are making progressive steps in eliminating artificial preservatives and opting to find natural solutions that better align with the growing needs and wants of their families.” adds Perry Coughlin, President and CEO of Nolan Ryan Beef®.

About Nolan Ryan Beef

Nolan Ryan Beef branded products are available throughout Texas and select locations in Louisiana at all Kroger supermarkets as well as numerous foodservice establishments nationwide.  The company’s product offerings include Nolan Ryan 34 Prime Beef, Nolan Ryan Texas Angus Beef and Nolan Ryan Signature products. A commitment to the highest quality products, food safety and exceptional flavor are the hallmarks of Nolan Ryan Beef’s success.  For more information, please visit our website, as well as our social media sites, or