Tyson on Alt-Meat: We’re Going in Big

It’s one of the hottest topics in the food space right now: alternative meat.

Whatever people call it — plant-based meat, alternative meat or even fake meat —the trend is here to stay, according to Tyson Foods (TSN).

“We’re going to go big [on alternative meat], using our size and market access. We’re going to be able to bring the best of health and taste together just by virtue of our scale,” Justin Whitmore, Tyson executive vice president of alternative proteins and chief sustainability officer, told Yahoo Finance in an interview.

Tyson Foods released its Tyson Foods 2019 Summer Trends Report on Wednesday, and in it, the company outlined 8 new food trends expected to shake up the industry. On the top of the list: alternative meat. “The numbers reflect the interest: the alternative protein segment is growing double digits. This is clearly a trend that is not going away,” the report stated.

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