Interko to Reveal Benefits of At-Source Ripening During Fruit Attraction

MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS –Interko, the global leader for the design, manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art fresh fruit ripening rooms, will host an interactive workshop about the advantages of at-source ripening for certain fresh fruits, including citrus, apricots, peaches and pears, during Fruit Attraction 2019 on 22-24 October.

The educational seminar will demonstrate how Interko’s advanced technology and over 50 years of industry expertise can add value to a range of fruits at the source; ensuring they reach the end market in optimal condition for the best prices.

The workshop will take place next week at 14.00 on Thursday 24 October at the Fruit Attraction IFEMA Business Centre, located on the 1st Floor, between Hall 7 and Hall 9. Interko’s Managing Director/Partner Chris Maat will deliver a brief presentation, followed by drinks, questions and networking.

Interko is exhibiting at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain, for the second consecutive year. The firm’s stand will be in Hall 10, 10A 04F. Chris Maat and Interko’s Project Manager Narcís Guinart, who both speak Spanish, will attend on behalf of the Interko team.

Maat explains: “Interko is well-known when it comes to traditional banana ripening. Now we want to create awareness about how else our knowledge and technology can be applied to add value for operators, particularly at the source.

“Most people think that ripening at the source is only suitable for fruit destined to be airfreighted or supplied to the domestic market. But it’s far more complex than that. You can add a lot of extra value at the source instead of leaving ripening to the final destination.

“For example, Interko technology can be used for citrus de-greening at source, which could benefit exporters who need to store their fruit before the delivery stage, either because of unfavourable weather conditions, or to take advantage of spot markets for higher prices.

“Additionally, Interko rooms can ripen fruits like apricots, which actually have a better shelf-life if you ripen them at source.

“The many possible applications of our technology would benefit fruit companies globally, and especially in the Spanish-speaking world, for whom attending Fruit Attraction has become so important.”

Interko offers a unique proposition to truly add value for customers; having the most advanced ripening technology on the market combined with decades of industry experience.

Maat comments: “Customers are not always aware of how their fruit will be handled in the supply chain, which can result in waste during transportation to the final customer.

“Interko has in-depth knowledge about how to transport fruit in a better state so it reaches the client in its optimal condition for the best price. We want people to know that we have much more to offer than just ripening rooms!”

As well as broadening the fresh produce industry’s view, the seminar at Fruit Attraction will allow Interko the opportunity to interact with customers to understand how else it could modify its ripening technologies to deliver additional benefits.

Maat adds: “We are always learning! By adapting our technology, we can make it work harder for our customers. We’d like operators to tell us what they need and want, which is why we’re hosting this interactive gathering in Madrid.”

Any business interested in attending Interko’s workshop, or to learn more about Interko and its ripening technologies, should email Chris.

About Interko

Interko is the global leader for the design, manufacture and installation of cost-effective, high quality and low-maintenance ripening rooms for fresh fruit, and cooling systems for the horticulture sector.
Founded over 50 years ago, Interko develops precise, advanced and energy-efficient systems that are built to last. Since its creation, Interko has installed over 7,000 ripening rooms for bananas, avocados, mangoes, papayas and tomatoes – the earliest of which are still in operation and performing well today. Every year Interko installs around 200 ripening rooms.

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